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When we step out of the house we make sure that everything is kept properly and whatever we need we carry it with ourselves. The most important thing which we do not forget to carry is our wallet which is extremely crucial for us as we carry our basic needed things in the wallet which are cash, keys, mobile phones etc without which we would not leave the house until and unless kept properly. Thus this speaks about the importance of wallets in our life. If wallets would have not existed then we would had to carry all the things very much loosely in our hands as it would not be kept intact as how it is kept in wallets as there are various compartments made for keeping necessary items according to our preference. Even though wallets are small, tiny accessory but is very useful for keeping cash and other valuable items.

Wallets are of different types and those include leather which are engraved with various design patterns, unique color combinations which is very much attractive and also enhance the finish of these wallets. Wrist wallets are used to carry cash or rupee notes as it is designed in the shape of wrist band. Wallets are categorized as men's and women's wallets in which there are types for men's wallets and those are bi fold wallets which are very general and are used most widely today to keep cash, documents like driving license, identity proof which of these can be easily removed at any point of time and any where. Cot wallet has a unique feature and sleek design which is very fascinating. These wallets have few compartments as compared to bi fold wallet for keeping cash and other documents.

The other types are cheque book wallet suitable for business person and also for corporate sector where people everyday have to make use of official documents as lot of meetings happen so at that point of time cheque book wallet is required. These wallets are used to keep credit and debit cards. Travel wallet play a major role when people fly abroad and when they use travel wallets to keep their passport, tickets, at the point of checking the documents. Wallets are highly used for gifting purpose like birthdays or as a promotional gifting tool with customized logo for corporate sector.

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