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An exquisite and floral design thus reminds us of flowers which have a beauty, elegance and fresh appeal. Flowers are considered as a religious and celebration symbol which not only has a meaning but also has significance behind these two important things. Flowers always have a fresh look and appeal which attracts most of the people. In indian culture and traditions these flowers are considered as a symbol for mythology as these flowers are offered in temples and also a garland made of it is offered to the idol which is very much religious and matured sign. Flowers are also offered at the time of funeral functions which is again ahs an importance as these flowers denote peace and happiness for the soul to rest in peace.

A bunch of flowers makes the person happy and also fills the air which is the environment with vividness. The atmosphere around becomes very lively, fresh and attractive. The colors of these fresh flowers are very fascinating and very much delightful. The important aspect of these fresh flowers is utilized for floral decorations which enhance the décor of the room. Also in the offices these decorations are very helpful as it beautifies the décor of the office. The person's mood can change with the help of these fresh flowers as it changes the mood from sullen to fresh.

Flowers come in various types and these are lily, aster, jasmine, lavender, lotus, sunflower, tulip, daffodil etc. Each of these types has some or the other meaning or importance. Each of these flowers is shrouded different aura and illusive mood for the people. Lilies come in different sizes and shapes and are found across the world. These lilies are a symbol of purity and refined beauty. Out of the several colors the most common used is white lily which is a symbol of modesty and virginity. Lotus flower is considered as religious flower because it is offered to goddess saraswati and holds the symbol of purity. These lotus flowers are used for relaxation and euphoric sensation. Jasmine flowers are known for their fragrance and are also worn by ladies.

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