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  Paper Stationery
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In this era of competitive world the importance of paper and products is very much realized by the people and thus has started using handmade products to bring the use of paper made from wood pulp. Today paper stationery is used in schools, offices, industries etc. If paper would not have existed than everything in the world would stop as because half of the nation runs of paper production. Paper stationeries are designed emphatically to provide organization with identity. The following are the things which are included in the paper stationery visiting cards, notepads, and memo pads, envelopes to official letters. In organizations official letters, envelopes, documentation work is in huge amount hence the paper is vastly used in great amount.

For school going kids these are the following items which are included in the paper stationery drawing books, exercise books, scrap books, essay books etc which are very essential for them. Schools, colleges run exclusively on paper stationery as they have examinations, writing competitions happening. So for these things paper is a necessity. The other aspect of the stationery includes handmade paper stationery which exhibits true artistic excellence and perfect finish and most of the people are opting for the use of handmade paper stationery as it can be reused.

In today's technology advanced world paper stationery as well as computer paper stationery also plays an important role for this technology driven world as most of the documents, letters are paper product. In computing world a printer is complete without paper; scanner is incomplete without paper which is a requirement for this category. Paper stationery has an artistic blend and utility. Today varieties of papers are available which marble paper are, drawing paper, chart paper, design paper etc which can be used for various purposes. Also in the corporate sector for signing deals and contracts it is the paper which is used where associates signs and agrees to the terms and conditions of the contract.

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