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Heat is the one extreme thing which a person is tired off and cannot bear it. As a result of which excessive heat can lead to severe headache, fatigue, giddiness etc which person would not like it all if he or she falls sick due to these reasons. To protect themselves they find a remedy to cover their head while they step out of the house and it is known as 'cap' which would protect them form all these reasons and also would give a relief to their heads which get exposed in the sun. Cap is worn on head to block the sunrays which fall on our eyes as well and also to cover our head.

There are various types of caps available and these are cap hats, sports cap, gandhi cap and ascot cap. Cap is also known as a form of headgear which is to protect our head and eyes. Cap hats are worn for various purposes and these are for ceremonies, parties etc which goes well the outfit or the attire. Ascot cap earlier was very popular during the reign of british era as these people used to wear these ascot caps better known as cuffley caps which is similar to flat capo and is worn by men. Sports cap another type which has logo, symbol or name of person or company embedded on it and is used for playing games. These caps are component which not only enhance the person's personality or appearance but also the appeal and the look of the cap.

Gandhi cap is a white colored cap known form the era of great personality mahatma gandhi which represented as the symbol of their reign. This cap is printed towards the front and back and also has a band attached to it. The other types of caps are baseball cap designed for which is used a part of the uniform and is made of fine quality material. These caps have retained the term of being fashion cap as it is very much termed for its fashion statement. Kid's cap is also famous as kids wear caps because of its fascinating features and beauty as they get attracted to it. These caps are also available in various sizes, shapes and colors.

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