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  Serving Utensils
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A complete picture of the kitchenware in the house would be completed by keeping serving utensils which are necessities for daily household purpose. These serving utensils are part and parcel of our daily life. These utensils come in various designs and styles. These serving utensils arranged in proper way would give a kitchen an enchanting and beautiful look once they are placed in proper order. Serving utensils include plates, trays, bowls of large, medium and small size, spoons, salad stand and deep soup bowls, nonstick pan, platter etc.

When a dish is served and decorated beautifully it quickly attracts the attention of the people. Collection of dish and plates should go well with the kind of food serve. To put in simple way the color combination of the food and of the plate or dish should go well. Plates and dishes are widely used in restaurants where large number of people visit to have food. During that period the color of these plates are usually white followed with various design patterns and shapes. Trays play a major role as and when all the items are kept in the tray for serving. When guest are expected to visit some persons place at that point of time to serve water, tea or coffee, some sort of snacks tray is required. It is very much essential and necessity for the kitchen.

Bowls are used for keeping items like soups, salads etc any liquid items are served in bowls. Bowls are of various types' plastic, glass, ceramic, wood and stainless steel. Stainless steel bowls are widely used today as whatever kept in the bowl the smell does not stick to the food where as in case of wood or ceramic some mild smell of the material itself comes when food items are served. Salad stand is the unique and the innovative item as various vegetables cut can be placed on the each compartments of stand instead of serving on plates or dishes. Platter is the other unique item which is served for serving various types of cuisines. All these serving utensils are widely utilized in restaurants and hotels. These serving utensils can be gifted on special occasions like weddings, celebrations and anniversaries.

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