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Drawing, painting or coloring is someone's hobby or someone's feature. Thus it not involves the artistic approach to it nut also some of the artistic features to it. The material required for drawing is different than that of painting and coloring. The items required for drawing are pencils, eraser, drawing paper, drawing board or portrait. Painting requires water colors, acrylic colors, if painting on glass then glass water colors etc. Coloring requires wax crayons, oil pastels, pencil colors etc. All these things give an effect to the picture or image drawn, painted or colored. earlier the way of sketching, drawing, painting and coloring was purely done on paper which would then be framed and kept. So in a way these art materials are very much needed at this pint of time. It not only gives the creative impression but also shows the artistic skills of the person. Art material is widely used by school children, professional sketchers and by artists which give a new impetus and scope in this field. For school children many painting and drawing competition happen where the person gets to see the variety of color combination, shades, and unique design patterns, various shapes of different sizes, accuracy of these shapes etc drawn by children.

Famous artists or professional sketchers also portray the similar thing but the difference lies here as sketching only a plain art but drawing and painting are different aspect overall together. In sketching the art material used are pencils which come in different sizes pertaining to the utility of the artists. There are various other types of art material and those are scrap book, albums, craft bag etc. There are also eco friendly art materials available which are used extensively by professionals today. The importance of these oil pastels is to make the picture look beautiful, glorified and attractive. These pastels are used to lighten the shades of art which reflects in the image or picture drawn.

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