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A tool used for cleaning, dusting or wiping off small items where the use of handkerchief is made largely. Handkerchiefs are very commonly used by small children who go to school and very properly ironed handkerchief is pinned up on their uniform whenever it is needed they can wipe it to the handkerchief. Even elder people use handkerchief for other purpose like covering their mouth while sneezing, coughing, and wiping off the wet hands. There are varieties of handkerchief which are categorized as ladies handkerchief and gents handkerchief which are in demand today. Ladies handkerchief is very different than that of gents handkerchief as ladies handkerchief has design patterns, color combinations and generally come in light colors like pink, yellow, purple, blue, skin etc.

Gents handkerchief have dark colors white, brown, dark blue etc which can be made out easily or which can be easy to differentiate than those of others. These handkerchiefs are used to keep in bags and baskets which are small things and this item would fit in those two things. These handkerchiefs are made of cloth which can be folded in four parts if it is ladies handkerchief but for gents handkerchiefs it has six folds as because they are large in size. Also these handkerchiefs can be crumpled an can be folded in anyways to make it less spacious and comfortable to carry.

These handkerchiefs are light weight and are easy to carry. As because of the plain cloth there are chances that stain on the handkerchief which quickly settles on it and is very difficult to remove on the stains. Handkerchiefs can be gifted on occasion like kitty parties where most of the women meet and chat and relax a bit. Also handkerchiefs can be gifted on the auspicious occasion where handkerchiefs are presented only to ladies. These handkerchiefs also fit in the pockets and also are very easy to remove as there are no chances of getting torn.


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