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Electronics and the world of electronics have expanded and have become broader. Today entire world ruins on the tunes of electrical appliances which is considered to be a necessity and requirement for all people. From small things to big things people end up using electronic products and thus get used to it. The very common and important factor of electronic product is television which is a medium of communication which not only informs, educates and persuades the people but also makes them interactive and lively.

The following are the types of electronic products and these are television, refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave, mobile phones and chargers, printers, computers, laptops. Out of all these the most commonly used are computers, laptops, television and refrigerators etc which are required daily for various or the other purposes. The use of television is most commonly done as because today housewives ,small children and youngster watch lot many shows, cartoons , matches etc which really is a entertaining box but also is an 'idiot box' which sometimes features irrelevant stuff especially on news channels. Refrigerators are used to keep food items hot, neat and safe. Also the food kept in the refrigerator keeps the food away from the dust particles which settles on these items soon.

The use of air conditioners is extensively done in hot weather to bring down the room temperature to the lower one. Use of microwave is to heat the food item instantly without the use of gas. The major item in this category is computers and laptops on which today half of the world and whole of corporate sector runs. These are very much used in private and public organizations and are a boon to the electronic products today. These items are very popular and in demand today as these are used by everyone today from youngsters to elders which make the appropriate use of these electrical devices. The other electronic appliances are water heaters, washing machines, vacuums cleaners, music players, ringing door bells, fan, tube lights, table lamps and lamps etc.

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