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A strict and civilized form of cloth or garment is a uniform which thus talks about discipline, manners and decency. Uniform is regarded as set of clothing which is worn by people of the organization to participate in the activities of the organization. Earlier uniform were only catered to army men, police and bodyguards' of the personalities. Uniform thus represent the particular sector and section of the society. All of the people are known because of the uniform which tells other people that these people hold some or the other power or authority. Army men have green colored uniform, police men have biscuit color uniform, navy men have white color uniform, bodyguard's have grey colored uniform with which these uniforms become very popular and familiar to the people.

Uniforms serve as the dress code which is to be followed by each and every person in the organization. Uniforms also help people to identify the work force. Professionals make use of uniforms as they are distinct and function appropriately according to their needs. Uniforms help identify the work as well as the person which make other people recognize easily. The other types of uniforms are school uniform, military uniform etc which are very popular and common. School uniforms arte worn by children which represent the particular school. School kids wear batch which is used as their identity card. Military uniform is very civilized and standardized uniform which make people recognized the people from military.

The purpose of making uniforms for different sections is because of the high quality material used which has unique features and also there is difference in the material or the fabric of each of these uniforms which are very efficiently stitched. Also in restaurants chefs and waiters also follow a uniform which makes them different from those of chef. Chef's have white colored plain uniform on which they have the batch with their name on it pinned up on the uniform. Waiters usually go with the color combination of maroon, white, red which make people recognize as these are waiters.

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