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Cleanliness and cooking are the two most important aspects in women's life. While cooking she needs a cleanliness hand which would clean and keep the entire kitchen neat within a moment. While cooking she every time has to clean the platform or just wipe off her hands to the towel when ant food item or and ingredient gets stick to her hand she immediately wash it off. To reduce this load of washing hands after each and every minute could be only done by one thing which is known as apron. Aprons are to be worn around the neck which covers the part of the body which usually or sometimes gets dirty.

Aprons prevent any food item damaging our clothes and thus act as a barrier between us and the food item or even water which settles on the platform soon. Earlier aprons were worn by maids who used to cook in the kitchen but now days every women uses apron as she is the only the person to cook in the house apart from maid. Aprons are made of cloth which is very protective and thus maintains hygiene. Aprons are used by restaurant workers, chefs, domestic workers, health care workers and laborers who have two pockets to keep tools and chemicals.

Party aprons are designed for parties which are available in different sizes, shapes etc. Also these aprons are highly used by chefs and in restaurants as they have to meet the deadlines of their recopies and cuisines with which they tend to make their outfit dirty so to keep the outfit clean aprons are used. Cooking aprons are also used by chefs as they spend half of the time in the kitchen which makes their outfit dirty so to protect it they make use of aprons. Kitchen aprons have floral designs and are available in various shapes and sizes. These aprons have attractive designs and mesmerizing prints which make people buy these aprons. Aprons prevent our body from getting wet from the water as it is layered with plastic sheet behind the apron which soaks all the water and thus get dry within moment.

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