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The important part of our body is hand without which everything in this world is impossible as we do lot many things with hand which is eating, drawing, writing, typing, painting, cooking etc which is part of our daily life. To keep hands protected from hygiene gloves play an integral part which is very much for safety purpose. Gloves are useful in winters to protect our hands from getting itched and also the skin becomes dry and tends to burn so to avoid these reasons gloves are necessary. Gloves are used by cricketers, doctors, pilots to make sure that there are clean and would not cause any harm to the people through germs which are infectious.

Gloves are of different types and these are medical gloves which used during medical examinations and operations. The se medical gloves are disposable which cannot be reused. These gloves prevent the contamination or act as a barrier between patients and germs which spread across easily which might be harmful. Rubber gloves are very much essential especially when handling chemicals which be toxic or non toxic. These gloves are made of rubber which is unsupported. Gardening gloves are used for the purpose of growing plants or for those people who love botany and are very particular in keeping them neat and clean.

Work gloves are unique ones which are disposable and are made of lightweight material called as nitrile. Leather hand gloves are very popular and are in demand today as leather has a soft, smooth and furry texture which attracts people. These gloves have lustrous shine and are available in size, shapes and colors. The other type of gloves are driving gloves are very much comfortable and convenient to wear. As driving gloves protect our hands from dust waters, heat, pest etc which would damage our hands by rashes and allergies. Gloves come in wool, rexin and pure rennin material which are easily available and are very useful; for people to stitch these gloves at home.

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