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Computer peripherals are input output devices of host computer an electronic device, whose functionality is purely dependent upon the host and computer peripherals expand the capabilities of host computer making it more functional and versatile in activities. Computer peripherals have to be installed for efficient working of computer and some essential computer peripherals are external hard drive, headphones, keyboards and mice, usb drives, webcams, monitors and lot more which are in use quite frequently. An external hard drive, as the name suggests, is a hard drive that connects the computer externally it is the main part of the computer. Earlier hard disk drives could not fit into the computer as they were large and cumbersome but today, standard hard drives are compact and portable, which can very easily fit into computer and thus it can start functioning smoothly. Keyboards are command giving and programming devices where users type their commands and an essential requirement for computer without which it is incomplete. These commands make the brain of computer work upon these commands and give results accordingly also toady keyboards are available in different shapes, sizes and functionality.

The varieties of keyboards include multimedia keyboards which are available with separate set of keys, meant for exclusive functions only. Another computer peripheral that supports keyboard is mouse an important feature for computer without which the computer will not work. The mouse is meant for guarding cursor and enhances input activities. Monitors are also an integral part of computer peripheral which is very crucial as it is called as the display board which is used to view the entire image or picture on this monitor. It screens out every function on their screen and monitors come in two colors and those black and white. Lcd monitors are fast replacing normal monitors because they occupy less space, consume less energy and give better results this is the innovative monitor which has taken down its place in the market. So it becomes difficult for computer operator to work without a monitor.

Computer can be attached with many gadgets as well like cameras can be attached with computer to view, save and print captured images as the new term has arrived which is known as 'webcams' which are attached to edit and compliment images. These come out with wonderful effects to store them in cd, dvd or pen drive. Computers are multimedia device as well as they can be used for watching videos, listening to music and lot more also for children to learn graphic designing, web designing etc. To have all these necessities and enjoy all the requirements of computer, computer peripherals like headphones are available which can be used for listening songs and various other purposes.

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