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A fine set laid on the dinning table would not only attract but also enhance its beauty. Every family today has dinner on the dinning table as to spend quality time with each of the members. The food items are served in various bowls, plates, spoons, glasses etc which adds elegance to the dinning table. All these items placed on the dinning table is called as crockery set which includes various items like ice cream bowls, juice set, vegetable chopper etc which are very light weight and are easy to carry from one place to another. All the crockery items are made form high quality material. Crockery plays an important role at the dinning table. These crockery items soothe the mind of the person by bringing light and color to the dinning table.

It is to be placed beautifully so as to attract the attention of the guest and also with taste. These crockery items conserve very little amount of space in the kitchen. These crockery items can be used for formal as well as for informal (causal) use. These items are easy to clean, also it has that potential of once being used and can also be used to reheat the food items. Also the leftovers can be easily placed form one to another and can be used for microwave purpose. The most common type of crockery set come in ceramic. Ceramic is made of clay and makes the item durable. The types which fall under ceramics are earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Out of these ceramic crockery types the most expensive one is the porcelain as it is made of a very strong stone. This type adds beauty and elegance to the products and thus gives an appealing and aesthetic look to the product.

The other type of category is bone china as it looks very beautiful and has a gorgeous appearance. Bone china is regarded as the most fragile type in the crockery category. The unique one is stone ware as it goes in microwave, dishwasher, oven etc. This type graces the kitchen wares and very much long lasting. The most common types are glass and stainless steel which are used daily to serve the purpose.

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