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The important and crucial aspect in everybody's life is time which makes us run on his tunes tic- tac. Time is the only thing in the world on which almighty also do no have any control. Nobody can hold it passes away whenever it has to. Person realizes the importance of time when some or the other incident takes place when he or she faces some bad phases in their life. Time factor is considered to be the important aspect in everybody's life. Thus to make a note of time we need a watch which would guide us and help us to keep a track o important things happening in our life.

Watches are helpful for people to check time whenever and at any point of time they need. Watches come in attractive designs, colors, and shapes and are used by men and women.

The types of watches and the one is analog watch which is worn on hands. A small sized watch which would fit in the hands of people. These watches are like wrist band which fit tight and do not fall from the hand. Also digital watches have gained importance and are very popular. These digital watches have time displayed in numerals. The unique watch which has liquid crystal display to highlight the time is known as lcd watch in which the numbers are displayed in red color and usually has gray or black color in the background. The other type is quartz which is very popular and famous today. This quartz watch is very much in demand today as because these run on batteries and have the tiny quartz vibrates at stable frequency which is an interesting feature which attracts many people.

Mechanical watch operates with the movement of set gears. Jewel watches use gems which look attractive when they are used. The shiny look of the gem is very much enchanting and thus gives an elegant look and appeal to the watch. The brands of the watches are mont blanc, rolex, omega, citizen and titan etc which have created the brand image which has set in the minds of people. These watches are used for gifting purpose which can be used for various occasions like birthdays, parties. In corporate sector it is presented to employees or associates for appreciating their performance.

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