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The most comfortable and causal form of garment is t-shirt which make a person feel top of the world by wearing it. T-shirts are worn by everybody from small children to the elder ones as they are preferred because it goes very well with a jean which is considered to be another form which is very causal. T-shirts look classy and gives fresh look to the people wearing it. These t-shirts can be worn at day to day purpose, worn on picnic or any outing which does not include any office work. Usually in offices on saturday's people wear causal as it is very much comfortable and on that day people do not have to attend any meetings or conferences.

T-shirts are termed as informal garment which people can carry and change according to their preference anywhere at any point of time. T-shirts are important aspect of marketing tool which can be used for promotions and can be gives as a complimentary gift for radio shows or in shopping malls which brings up the particular brand in light. Logos or symbols of the companies, cricket teams, cosmetic brands are printed on these t-shirts thus to attract and give an impact on the audience. These t-shirts are available in various colors, sizes, shapes and designs which make people buy these t-shirts.

A t-shirt is garment which is worn by pulling over the head and fits round the neck. These t-shirts do not have collars but are plain and are made of cotton material. Also these t-shirts are seen as a jersey which is made of synthetic material and thus represents the team of the western countries. These t-shirts are used by football players and are known as football t-shirts. T-shirts are used by men, women, children, cricketers, football players etc. For youngsters these t-shirts have set a trend and the designs, patterns, types, colors flow with the way of fashion and style.

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