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Rainy season is the most enjoyable season which kids, youngsters and even elder ones still love to get wet, would love to play in the mud as well as want to enjoy the cup of coffee and pakodas in this soothing and lovable atmosphere. Rainy season focuses more on umbrellas and raincoats as these two things are worn by children and also are used by youngsters and elder ones. Umbrellas attract most of the attention of the people as because the dome shaped items almost covers the whole of our body and thus protects us from getting wet from the rain water. Umbrellas come in different sizes, shapes and colors leaving enormous choices for people. Umbrellas are designed differently for men and women. Usually the color of the umbrella used by men is black and the color of the umbrella for women come in varieties like blue, green ,pink, red, maroon, white, yellow, shaded ones or the multi colored ones etc. Umbrellas are not only used during rainy season but also during summer season to protect form sun strokes and extreme heat.

Umbrellas today have started gaining lot of importance as because these umbrellas are used for promotions, advertising point of view. Promotional umbrellas have logos or symbols of the company which can be an effective way of promoting the company, product or the brand. These umbrellas are very calmly designed and thus are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. These umbrellas can be creatively used as invitations can also be printed on these umbrellas which are not only unique but also very interesting as people would get amused and would catch their attraction easily.

There are various types of umbrellas and the one is straight wooden umbrella which is used by both men and women and is very much apt for monsoon season. These umbrellas have a long pointed stand at the bottom of the umbrella which enables the person to take a support of it and stand or walk on the marshy surface which is quite slippery sometimes and also on the uneven roads. The other types are mini umbrella, folding umbrella, fiber glass umbrella where each of these have peculiar features on which it makes them unique.

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