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An unique way of advertising, marketing, promoting of a product without any medium which is considered to be an effective tool of communication are posters which not only attracts people but also brings the brand or the product awareness in front of the people. A poster is the other form of the paper which is seen on walls or on flat white board on roads where thousand of people are seen everyday. Thus the strategy is to make people aware of that thing which would be happening soon or would be just a promotional strategy. Today we get to see posters of television celebrities who endorse products, upcoming shows on television, live events or concerts happening thus to make people know about the following items or categories. Also in schools poster competitions happen thus to test the creativity of the children. The motive behind doing so is that posters can have any theme, design, color combination which would attract the people by watching these posters at glance.

The types of posters are legal posters which are used for government purpose. Especially during election posters of various parties are distributes among people to gain vote from us and also the propaganda bill can be considered as a poster. The other type of poster is subject posters which are highly used by advertisers as to promote the product or the brand. In advertising posters the little bit of informative matter is printed with which it becomes easy for people to read and purchase the brand accordingly. Various brands like l'oreal, lakme etc the models or the celebrities are seen endorsing their products with this people get to see their posters stuck on a huge board which is very visible. The other type is informative poster where these posters are displayed to bring awareness about certain issues. Posters of smoking is injurious to health, do not drink and drive etc are stuck on the walls to make people know and also to support the issue.

Very unique and innovative type of posters is energy saving posters which look artistic and are also suggestive. These posters use sarcastic tones and are very much persuasive. These posters are designed to highlight the importance of energy and its conservation.

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