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The ancient history of arts and crafts also includes the work of weaving which was largely used by women to stitch or weave woolen garments like caps, hand gloves, sweaters, socks etc which were used for small children thus to protect them from extreme cold. The process of weaving clothes is seen generally by grandmothers and mothers to protect give their daughter a nice woolen attire with a cozy, soft look. These are woolen clothes which are used during winters to get the feel of little bit of warmness protecting form the extreme cold weather. The fabric has lots of creativity and ethnicity involved and also gives fresh appealing look.

Woven fabric is used for weaving rugs, saddle bags which are used for office purpose. Rug is a carpet used for sitting, exercising or meditating. It is to be spread on the floor so that it opens widely and makes large number of people sit on it. Saddle bags is the other type which is attached to the saddle and are used in horse riding where these saddle bags are attached to various sides or positions. Also the uses of traditional rugs are very popular as these are made of cotton and are designed in simple color with contrast border. The thicknesses of these rugs vary accordingly.

Woven bags are very much useful to carry heavy items and also it does not break or gets torn easily because of the stitching part and the weaving done on these bags. These bags are used by women to carry necessary items which are utilized and so does the purpose of carrying these woven bags. In the category of woven bags jute and cotton bags are also very much in use as because these bags are made using high quality material and thus are reusable and eco friendly. Also there are hand woven items which are also used. These woven articles can be used for gifting purpose in the corporate sector which is given to the employees or office associates.

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