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One has to slog to achieve goals in life. Once the success hugs you, you are automatically rewarded with a "badge" and a "medal" a badge represents the organization whereas a medal represents success. A "badge" represents the recognition of a firm, which is introduced to indicate some accomplishment or some mark of a specialist while taking a promise. It is also known as the identification of the employment. Badges are made from metal, plastic, leather, textile, rubber etc., and they are commonly attached to clothing, bags, footwear, vehicles, home electrical equipment, etc., a medal is awarded to a person or organization as a form of recognition for athletic, military, scientific, academic, or various other achievements. Medals are also created to commemorate particular individuals or events. Badges and medals give high standard and respect to the individuals. Badges and medals are given as represents of regard to the individuals. Badges and medals have a great need for the objective of business giving. Today, badges and medals have great demand for the purpose of corporate gifting.

Badges are in various types such as bronze, silver, gold etc., silver and a gold badge represents rich tributes paid and achievements. Administration badges are prizes are accepted by the particular government and the soldiers of the region. It represents the reviews, degree, or success in several job areas. Moving back to the decades of hitler's rule, badges were used as the mark for their particular team. Badges were popular as jewellery in the middle ages. For many years, badges have been used in business and schools. Badges are mainly used in conventions, school events, church services, large businesses, government offices, fairs, shows, and other events. Traditionally, a badge is stuck to clothing or worn by a clip or lanyard around neck. A badge is multipurpose. In some place badges are used solely for identification of people to make networking easy. Another reason is for security. A security officer is hired to review badges as attendees come and go from an event. The officer's job is to ensure no one enters an area without authorization. Photo id badges are more complex. Photo id badges play a large role in ensuring company security. Photo id cards are not a paper badge stuck in a plastic holder any longer. The card is plastic, but it may contain complex technological features that provide security with the latest security technology. Today's cards can be used with card reader access systems and cctv camera systems to increase security for business assets and authorized people.

A medal is an attractive thing, which is made with some insignia or symbol. A medal is given to an individual in the firm as by means of reputation for running, military, athletics, or any other rivalry. There are various kinds of medals which are devotional medals which are kept only for spiritual issues and features. It is introduced to someone for doing your best in the area of inspired appearance in their right. Medals are generally seen in three products, which is brown, precious metal and precious metal coins which are often rewarded to the athletics. A medal gives a person high recognition, value in the market. Once the person is rewarded the rapport gets automatically built up. Medals are made up of materials such as bronze, gold, and silver which are presented to the sports person. Navy medal was established in the year 1961 to identify the work carried out by younger artisan. It is considered as the smallest honor in the past. When the term honor is uttered the pleasure and reputation of the individual is considered as well as saluted with gaining of such real, but worth substance known as medal.

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