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Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Novelty Cakes
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Gifts and celebration go hand in hand as celebrations are to express ones happiness and joy similarly gifts are to acknowledge or appreciate that joy by bringing together the joy as well as virus item which are gifted. So gifts and celebrations are connected. On occasions like birthdays, weddings, new year parties, business parties etc the important item is 'cakes' without which the meaning of celebration is incomplete. The taste or sweetness of cake which remains in the mouth for a while is to remind us about the celebrations so that it settles as a moment of memories. Thus the moment of joy, happiness, pride etc all comes here when the cake is cut at birthdays, weddings and parties. The concept of cake has arrived from the western countries as cake cutting on the various occasions is considered as tradition and culture of these western countries.

Cakes of different types which are plum cakes, sponge cakes, cheese cakes and butter cakes. The most common essence used in the preparation of these cakes are vanilla and chocolate as most of the small children are fond of chocolates and very much of cakes. Cakes are termed as desert which is usually has after dinner to maintain the sweetness of cake generally after occasions, purpose or any ceremony happening around. Celebrations are part of each and every tradition and culture and cakes compliments these celebrations as it has significance behind it. Birthday cakes are the most preferred cakes today in the world as mostly birthdays are celebrated for small children as they are very much eager and fond of unique gifts and cake flavors which is main attraction thing. Usually for c\birthdays flavors like chocolates, pineapples etc are preferred as children are fond of chocolates. Apart from these birthday cakes wedding cakes are also very popular as it is the tradition in the catholic weddings of cake cutting ceremony. Wedding cakes give a feeling of happiness, love, affection for the couples who start their new life from that day. Wedding cakes usually have three layers and are of vanilla flavor with beautiful decoration of icing done at the top which suits the ambiance of the entire place.

Seasonal cakes would be christmas cakes as these cakes are considered as the part of the tradition to express and celebrate the season with joy and happiness. Cakes can also be gifted on these occasions to either surprise the person or to please the person. Valentine's day the only occasion where cakes, flowers and chocolates are gifted not only for the celebration but also for expressing love for the other person.

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