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A child's favorite playing tool is always a toy. May it be of plastic of electronic the whole day he would spend his time playing. A very much friendly and much of interaction is carried on with the toy by a child. A child considers a toy his best friend with which he can keep on talking. Toys can also become a necessity of a child whenever he sleeps, eats or play. Kids always like to keep their pet besides them whenever they take nap so that they feel cozy and comfortable. A toy can be termed as an object with which the child's development starts taking place. Soft toys a unique but popular gift item which is used by small kids to youngster as these soft toys are an item to communicate and also too remembered when gifted during various occasion.

Soft toy is a tool to communicate its softness for emotions or for message written on it. Soft toy is made using cloth, cotton, various fabric materials etc which not only makes them soft, spongy but also very attractive as these soft toys are very much fascinating and attractive for small children. Soft toys are gifted on the occasion of valentine's day, birthdays etc. Soft toy is one thing which the person uses it for many years because of its durability and is long lasting feature. Soft toys look beautiful and elegant when they are placed in the idle place to enhance the décor of the room.

Soft toys are also known as stuffed toys as there can be varieties of the stuffed material which can be beads, cloth, cotton or decorative items. Soft toys come in various types and these are animals like rabbit, elephant, dog, cat etc. Characters like mickey mouse, donald duck, pooh etc. Also these soft toys are available in fictional characters or story characters. Soft toys can also be used as a gifting tool for romantic dates and those are known as pebble toys. Most of the women prefer to keep soft toy in their bedrooms as it gives a beautiful look and enhances the décor of the house as it is used for decoration purpose.

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