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A beautiful designed bag which has an elegant look and is available in various styles, designs which has its fame in malls, multiplexes, restaurants the well-known "ladies bags." ladies bags are now completely aware of the current day designs which boost the beauty of the bag and guide the manufacturers to produce the best product. A quality bag is developed using the latest design and fashionable materials so as to deal with the design fiesta and many modern factors. A ladies bag is the full and crowning glory equipment for the design. Ladies bags can be used to liven up, apparel down any clothing or to match with the clothing color. Ladies bags can be big, small, round, square, created out of buckskin, material, which is specifically developed to remember the choices of the ladies in this generation especially. Ladies bags are important piece of clothing, which is to be decided by size of the clothing. Ladies bags boost the look and the individuality of the ladies when carried along with them. Ladies bags are a fundamental element of their outdoor items and would want to hang up or want to hold in palm whenever they step out. Most of the ladies bags are made of cowhides which are soft, elegant, and durable. The measurements and forms of the ladies bags differ from measurements to measurements. The colors are very much eye-catching and thus give a fresh feel when people have a look at the bag in the market or at the shops. The artist paints the colors, which is so eye catching that every ladies' desire to buy the bag from the store. Ladies bags are furnished with unique adornments; glass work and the design on the ladies bags thus meets and gives an elegant look and eye-catching design.

Ladies bags is not only a measure for holding belongings, but is an essential part of their style and persona. It is not a piece of book pocket for the women but ladies bags represent their social status and style symbol. Apart from jewellery and other accessories, ladies bags are the essence of any women all over the world. A lady attending a party without a hand bag is like a ship without a rudder. Ladies bags are available in various styles. They are suitable for different sectors of consumers whether poor or rich. Ladies bags are always the focus of the photographers. Ladies bags win a lot of attention of big bollywood and hollywood actresses. Sometimes it's not about the quality it's about the brand. Branded ladies bags always boost the self - esteem of ladies, no matter how expensive they are. The quality of the workmanship of the ladies bags indicates the authenticity. Quality workmanship gives quality product and longevity. Authentic ladies bags will have a perfect stitching and not sloppy stitching. Ladies bags always attracts women. Ladies bags are very sensitive and need to take care. Water and sunlight is the biggest rival for these bags. Water makes it moist and brittle whereas sunlight will fade its color. Ladies bags twinkles the eye of women. It never gets wrinkled and stretched easily hence it is always important to use a dry cloth while cleaning it.

During 16th century, women carried sweet bags containing perfumes and herbs to cope with the foul smells of those times. By 17th century, purses and pouches began to develop into the handbag which was often decorated and hand stitched as well. By now this had become a common hobby of the era. At the time of 18th century, big pockets became a trend in the ladies bags as the weight for carrying items increased. In 19th century it had developed completely and became a new fashion trend for the ladies. It was the egyptians who first brought ladies handbag for keeping their belongings required in day to day life.

Whoever said, diamonds are the ladies best friend got it completely wrong. Today the scenario is different. Ladies bags is the best friend because women carry their world in them.

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