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  Writing Instrument
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Virtually an erudite gifting!

Writing instruments known as the earliest form of writing tools which thus helps in learning and writing has formed a different picture altogether. Pens, pencils, sketch pens, these are the three basic writing instruments which are today used widely by students, business, professional sketchers, artists and common man and utilizes it to the fullest. Writing instruments are widely used by students in the schools or college. Pens and pencils are widely used as because these two items are necessary for schools and colleges.

In the organizations these writing instruments play an integral part as in business or in the offices daily lot of paper work is carried on without using these instruments the work is incomplete. Pens and pencils play a major role when it comes to the aspect of writing instruments. Pens are used for writing, putting down thoughts, ideas, imagination, creativity in the form of writing and pencils are used for drawing or sketching. These pencils are used to put down ones creativity, imagination which reflects in the drawing. Also with these pencils there are color pencils and sketch pens which is also regarded as the writing instruments.

In all these writing instruments play a significant role thus to make a mark on its importance and also are used in the corporate sector. All of these items can be presented as ideal gifts which would become part and parcel with our life. The feature is the main core which categorizes all these items. Pens come along with refills, pencils come along with eraser and sharpener, and color pencils come along with drawing paper. In this way these writing instruments are categorized and the unique features are the ink of the pen is long lasting and cannot be erased until and unless erased by an ink eraser. The writing of the pencil can be rubbed off easily and can be used for another purpose the paper on which it is written can be rubbed off. The color pencils have permanent mark which stays for long on the drawing paper.

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