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In today's competitive world where there is cut throat competition people make sure that their belongings reach the destination in proper time. These belongings could be in terms of documents, gifts or ant other accessory which people would not want to disclose it. So to do the needful they pack it and then send it to the required ones as how the currier services are. These packets make use of tapes which play an important aspect and without which the parcel cannot be delivered. It not only sticks the openings of the packets but also holds it tightly as it has to teared off. The most common thing used by children these days is tapes which is instant in sticking pictures or pages which are very much needed for school children. Tapes in general term are a thin sheet of plastic which is sticky on one side or adhesive used for glass sealing, closing, strapping etc. These tapes are used for light duty as well as for heavy duty packaging material or thing. Usually these type of tapes are required for packing huge boxes which are to be delivered or manufactured or are seen at airport where these boxes are to be tightly closed by using these tapes. Tapes are generally of brown and transparent color which is very much visible. Now day's different types of tapes like paper tapes, instant removable tapes with the machine itself are available.

Filament tapes are made using raw material due to which they have tensile strength and excellent adhesion. These tapes are used in strapping rods, protection of cricket bats, door holding and protecting contents from pilferage. The other types pf tapes which are used for heavy duty packaging, the adhesive tapes made form polyester are used to high strength glass fiber yarn filaments are laminated for bundling of heavy objects. The other type is foam tapes which is used for permanent fixing usually for fixing number plates, signs and are ideal for uneven spaces. These tapes are single as well as double sided and have adhesive coating.

The other type includes transfer tapes which are known for their super adhesive strength. These tapes are made form high quality raw material. Pvc tapes are available in different colors sizes and designs. The thickness of this tape is in medium size and is made by using high quality material.

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