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The tactic of writing and learning is thus taught by writing instruments like pens, pencils etc which are writing tool for school products and is very much used by school children, business person and even by us. Pens are ideal gifts to be presented to someone who starts his new beginning and thus wants to proceeds ahead. Pens are always remembered as a token or tangible thing which the person would never forget in his life. Today pens are widely used by students as they appear for their board exams and it also serves as the necessity of stationery products without which the stationery products stands no where.

There are various kinds of pens and these are fountain pens, parker pens, roller ball point pens and ball pens each of these has a unique feature and thus have difference in quality. Fountain pens are commonly known as ink pens which were used in the ancient era of kings and emperors where they used to dip the nib of these pens and then used to send their message across. These fountain pens have to be filled with ink after which it starts working smoothly. These pens contain an internal reservoir of water based liquid ink which id generally inserted with the help of an ink dropper. Parker pens is used by elite class of people as these pens have a classy look and is made of very high quality and thus is itself serves as brand. Usually seen on television the famous indian personality holding the parker pen in the hand and signing off thus talks about the class and the standard. These pens have flair of smooth writing and are much heavier than those of others. Usually these pens come in blue and black ink. Also the refills inside these pens are much shorter and are thick in size.

The other type is ball pen generally used by many people and also by students as it has fine grip and are easy to carry as because of the weight factor. The costs of these pens are much cheaper than that of parker pens. These ball pens are widely used in offices, organizations and in schools as they are in great demand today and are becoming very popular.

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