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An ancient form or mode of writing or expressing of ideas, views, thoughts etc. An effective tool of writing instrument which is to be considered as the school product which is useful for school children, professional sketchers and artists. Earlier the main point of the pencils were made of graphite but now are made of lead as it is not as harmful as graphite and also to give a lighter writing grip than that of graphite. These pencils are used for writing, drawing and sketching purpose. Also these pencils hold a history since form ancient form as at that time the existence of pens was not there. Pencil is light in weight and is easy to carry anywhere at any point to time. It is also considered to be as a reusable one as anything written with pencil on paper can be erased off easily.

There are varieties of pencils which is color pencils, special pencils used for only sketching, and writing. Pencil, eraser and sharpener these the things which compliments each other as these items go hand in hand. Also these pencils are used in business at the cost effective methods which can be helpful in growing and expansion of business.

The other type of pencil is charcoal pencil used for shading and making a image bit darker. These pencils come only in grey and black color. Pencil creates a mark leaving behind a trail of solid trace on the surface of the paper. Pencil has and advantage and also a disadvantage of being written on a paper with full force that the imprint of whatever being written is replicated to another page which can be traced buy scribbling it once again. Any thing confidential written on the piece of paper would reveal all the details. Whatever written with pencil can be erased and can be over written with pen but whatever written with pen cannot be overwritten as the ink is darker than that of pencil.

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