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An important aspect of our life as well as used for drawing to erase off bad memories and bad drawing which would thus give us an encouragement to draw a better one. A tool used of omitting a small mistake which can be replaced and then drawn again. Erasers are used mostly by school kids, artist and professionals who are into drawing, sketching etc. Erasers are also used in offices and organization as they are important office accessory which is a necessity to all offices these days. Thus erasers can be regarded as school and office equipment used on daily basis.

Erasers are also useful to students who are appearing for elementary exam a very important exam to excel in the field of drawing and sketching. The standard color of the eraser or in general term it is known as 'rubber' white. The other ones come in yellow, blue, red, orange, green which attract most of the kids or school children's. There are varieties of erasers and these are ink eraser, pencil eraser, pencil capped erasers etc. Ink eraser has a different feature to say as it wipes off the writing written by pen. Generally it becomes difficult to erase the writing which is being written by pen as the ink settles down immediately and it dries instantly which is when omitted looks dirty as there are chances that the page or the paper might get torn off.

Pencil erasers are unique and come in different shapes of characters like teddy bears, mickey mouse etc apart from the original rectangular one. When anything written by pencil on a piece of paper or on a page and when an error occurs or mistake happens at that point of time it is useful to erase off the pencil written thing. As the pencils have the material which is to be rubbed off quickly these erasers are very effective only for this purpose. The innovative and the unique ones are chalkboards ones which is exclusively used for the purpose of erasing the mistake occurred on the chalk boards commonly known as dusters. Also there are scented erasers which emit a light fragrance when used for erasing which is to attract kids as they like such unique and innovative products.

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