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Innovating craft has become a necessity in schools and also creating a skill would lead into an art. Arts and crafts play a major role in innovating and also in imagination as the ideas, images; thoughts are sketched or drawn on paper. Thus the whole can be made more beautifully is by new color and also making it more bright. The use of sketch pens would be effective as sketch pens are available in various types of colors and these colors can be in a very creative way. These sketch pens are used in schools as they have subjects like arts and crafts, educational purposes and also in offices or organizations. Sketch pens are an ideal gift which can be presented to students for competition purpose or also on special occasions and also to artist who excel in the field of drawing, painting and sketching.

Sketch pens come in the pack of 12 which has the basic colors and also are available as magical sketch pens where one color mixed with another one brings a change in the original color which attracts most of the kids and makes them buy these products. The tip of the sketch pen is made of fiber, felt plastic or any other metal point for writing or drawing purpose. The inks used in these sketch pens are water soluble and these sketch pens are also available in fluorescent colors. The ink of the sketch pen is permanent and is not erasable there are also other types of sketch pens available which has an erasable ink.

These sketch pens are very much used by kids as drawing and coloring is their hobby. So to make the picture or the image more colorful these kids make use of sketch pens with which the image looks beautiful and also because of the color combination and color shades used.

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