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Arts and crafts play an important role when it comes to the following items like glue sticks, crayons, sketch pens, water colors etc. Which thus tells about creativity and imagination which sketched beautifully. Glue sticks also play a major role in the sector of crafts where students make varieties of times made from cardboard which are also for household purpose. In this case they need glue stick which is very much useful for them to stick the different parts of these cardboard pieces. These glue sticks are very much useful for students which serve for craft purpose. Earlier this glue used to come in the from of bottle then got transformed to the tube and now it again has been transformed into the long bottle which has the easy way to stick directly on the paper. In this way the hands do not get dirty as it has the twist and turn fashion. This type of glue is generally used by students and also in the office. It is common link for office as well as for office as well as school stationery purpose.

These glues sticks are known are adhesives and are used to stick broken parts or to create new one. Few names of glues sticks would be fevicol, fevistick, fevi quick etc these are the ones which are generally used for sticking or joining the items once they are broken. In crafts as people make more creative items they need more glue sticks which they use for sticking images or pictures, decorative beads, applying the glues on the paper and sprinkling some the shiny, glazy sparkles to make it more attractive and make it as a decorative piece.

Especially during festivals like diwali and navratri where people make different decorative pieces where the requirement of glue is necessary. During diwali people decorate lanterns by making use of decorative papers, design papers, marble papers, chart papers and eventually use glue to stick various parts and thus make beautiful lanterns and also diya which lightens the entire décor of the home. During navratri people decorate dandiya sticks; earthen pots at this time also glue is needed to stick items which would look colorful and attractive.

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