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  Geometary Box Set
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Every day carrying of geometry box in the school as well as the time of exams and especially for mathematics and geometry paper is a habit of every school going kid. In a way geometry boxes are necessity for school product .It is used for drawing the shape accurately, measuring the lengths etc. It is very much useful for students who are appearing for their board exams. A geometry box has several items in it which are rounder, protractors, compass, divider, ruler, eraser and tiny pencil which is used in the rounder. These items are of great importance and a necessity. Without any of these items the geometry box set is not at all complete so it is essential to keep all the things in the proper areas allotted to the geometry box.

The features of these items are that these are designed in such a way that these items hold meaning and great utility factor. Rounder is useful to draw images which are round in shape or round objects. The way in which works is bit tricky but once when the person gets that trick he automatically starts using it. Protractors are used to measure an angle very commonly used for the mathematics subjects. An angle denotes the sign of degrees like 30, 60 and 90 commonly known as right angle. The other item is compass another term used for ruler which not only measures the length but also is used to draw lines as the rulers are used for.

The type of item is divider which is used for measuring the distance, lengths or breadths of the shapes as they are drawn. Thus these are very useful items and are long lasting as they can be used by anybody other than that of small kids. These geometry boxes are designed using high quality material and standards for the international markets as well. These boxes are made using grade plastics and are available in many designs, shapes, and patterns.

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