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An extremely important factor which a every school going kid needs is notebook to write and learn. Thus to carry forward the process a school going child needs a companion which is a notebook where he or she jots down or pens down his or her imagination, ideas, thoughts, imaginative ideas or creative ideas. Thus a notebook is a perfect tool of school stationery which is also known as exercise where all the school work and the problems are solved.

These exercise books are lined ones which are helpful in writing essays or composition and also solving problems of mathematics step by step counting these lines. These are designed to keep a record of all the problems which are being solved at home or in the class which thus helps a child a lot. These can also be termed as long books generally used by school children as they practice their homework in these books. During exams students generally rush to purchase these books as they have to solve many problems and one more they keep for the unsolved problems.

Many of the writers, lyricists also use these books to jot down everything that comes to their min and which is quite essential for them whenever they process for the work. Also one can jot down important or daily routine of the household work to be done, maintenance of bills the record can be written in these books. Also some people may use these books for storing contact details and addresses of people. These long or exercise books can be used as an alternative as the register to keep the daily record of the people especially in the office. These books can be used in the organization to keep the vital information. These books can be called as the main ingredient of school products or an important part of school product without which the learning and writing process is impossible.

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