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Early morning breakfast makes a good day ahead which gives the person energy to carry on his hectic schedule ahead. The way of having breakfast also has an informal way or a formal way. Decades back when the reign of british government evolved during that time itself this way of having breakfast in a very formal proper started gaining importance. The items used at that time were knives, spoons, splicer, fork etc and the term given to these items is cutlery where all the items related to breakfast, lunch and dinner are kept. These cutlery items have perfect blend of performance and are light weight. These items are useful to carry anywhere at any pint of time. These items are specially used for serving, eating and preparing purpose. The term has generated or has come to existence from western world.

The main piece of cutlery is knife as it is used for the purpose of cutting, preparing and serving the food on the table. Today knife is used for cutting vegetables and fruits, also to open the tight container lid etc. Knife has a sharp line which tends to cut the solid material into two parts. Carving knife is used for carving and slicing of meat which otherwise a normal knife would not be useful. The other items are fork which is used for eating items which hard and are in solid state. Fork is used for having omelets, pasta, macaroni etc all these items are hard one which can be only cut with a sharp tools. Forks and knifes compliment each other and are used specially at the breakfast table. Spoons are used for serving, preparing and eating. This spoon serves for both purpose solid as well as for liquid state. Spoons are used for having soups, rice, gravy vegetables etc.

Slicers are used to slice the jam or the butter on the bread. It has a flat strip which enables these products to apply it on the bread easily. People generally make use of these items during breakfast as bread butter is meant for breakfast purpose.

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