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Today electronic media is gaining lot of importance as because people today have become dependant on this powerful tool which can entertain, inform and persuade them. A term called phone is regarded as a quick service machine which puts forth the information, suggestion, views, opinion asked for. Thus it has become popular and is very much in demand today as one to one communication ha emerged through it. In scientific term a phone is a telecommunication device that transmits and receives sound, most commonly the human voice buy filling up the queries or doubts asked by the people by providing them information. Telephones are a point-to-point communication system whose most basic function is to allow two people separated by large distances which means people from all over the region from cities, states and other countries to talk to each other. It is one of the most common appliances in the developed world, and has long been considered indispensable to businesses, households and governments which make the use of this service very effectively and efficiently.

Now day's phones are booming up with various technical aspects which include the facilities of caller id, intercoms and digital phones. The use of caller id has been extensively facilitated for the people of the organization to view the numbers of the people from the other organization which would help build their business relations. The other aspect where caller ids are fixed are at homes where people play pranks and give miss calls on the landline numbers thus to identify these numbers the caller id facility has been flourished from past few years and in the developed countries. The use of intercom earlier was flourished in developed countries as the person would come to know through intercom the visiting guest entering their place and also the unknown ones. It is inherent basically is used in house, buildings again to identify the unknown persons walking in.

The fashionable and trendsetter cell phones are very much in use now days as because a small handheld device used to carry anywhere and is useful at any point of time as compared to that of the huge tele phones. The use of cell phone has been expanded amongst youngsters as well as in the corporate sectors. With the technology brewing up cell phone are invented with internet, camera, radio, mp3 player facilities and also some do provide the facility of video conferencing as well as of call conference. It has helped the generation and reduces the load of the work.

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