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The greatest technology ever invented would be fax and fax machines as it develops the communication from one person to the other person. Being compared to that of printers fax is very different from printers as these fax machines can be directly communicated. These fax machines develop on the spot process. There are various types of fax and the one is an online fax service where you are able to send the document with the email and it will come out of the recipients fax machine. The document can be sent back in the similar way as it is same for the fax machine and thus would arrive in your email. Internet fax is nice because it eliminates the need for a fax machine, but you can still send faxes to those that still use one especially in the corporate sectors.

Virtual fax is a fax service that is primarily internet based as today most of the fax work on the internet which plays a vital role and also facilitates to send and receive faxes through email. With the use of these services, a person or organization can save the money sent on fax machines, toner and fax paper finding out the ways to reduce the cost involvement. All the faxes sent are transcribed into digital format and then are sent to the email inbox without which it would neither open nor would be helpful to send the message to the other person as in this process, the fax quality is not reduced and the person gets all the advantages of image editing tools to remove the unwanted faxes which can be edited or deleted.

In simple term a fax is a document sent over a telephone line and has existed, in various forms, since the 19th century. The modern fax machines became feasible only in the mid-1970s as the sophistication of technology increased and cost of the three underlying technologies dropped it was during that period because improvement in the quality and standardized version started taking place. Digital fax machines first became popular where they had a clear advantage over competing technologies like the tele printer, since it was faster to handwrite than to type the characters.

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