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A scanner is a device which has succeeded in telephotography aspect and it has set standards to this modernized era where most of the work is dependant on technology as of today. A scanner is an input device that scans images, prints text, handwriting and prints an object and converts it into digital images. In computing term an image scanner is that optically scans images which are found in office. A scanner is something where no workplace could do without using this product. The various advantages of scanners which contribute to increasing the efficiency of work are highly in demand. There are different types of scanners available in the market, each of them being suitable for different types and volumes of scanning jobs which today are recognized as important tool for any organization.

There are various types of scanners which include flatbed scanners which has a flip to the top which is needed to be lifted up for the document to be placed on the glass surface beneath for scanning purpose. The flatbed scanner is capable of scanning multiple pages at one time and also is high in quality. The normal flatbed, especially the older models can do a single page at a time this is because of the low capacity. These flatbed scanners are a newer model in the flatbed category and are rapidly becoming popular. It saves valuable time and each document does not need to be flipped manually it does it automatically. However, with the flatbed scanners it highlights its features which are expensive than of the others.

The other type is photo scanners which are specially designed to produce high quality images and photos used for the promotions of the films or movies. The difference between the two of these scanners are normal scanner does not give the kind of resolution required for high quality photos so for the higher resolution these photo scanners are to be used. Photo scanners are therefore very expensive. Sheeted scanners are another common type of scanning machines which are unique and innovative. These are smaller than typical flatbed scanners and occupy lesser space. The resolution of images produced is lower so sheeted scanners are recommended if you are scanning normal documents and no photo scanning is involved as the sheeted scanners are meant only for normal document scanni9ng purpose. As the name suggest sheeted scanners are inserted with pages which are 'fed' into the sheet fed scanner and which can scan multiple documents without any manual flipping over needed.

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