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Projectors have become a sensation in the world of technology where they have been designed to visualize and display images and presentations on the white surface where it would be visible. Projector is a media equipment that zooms in a picture for a bigger output as it projects it to a screen an become important fact of media. Its portability has been one of its main advantages making it much easier for people to use and carry around and the is becoming very powerful technical tool in the corporate sector as presentations and conferences take place daily in these organizations. These projectors have several types which include image projector, video projector and movie projector which are the basic ones in the types of the projectors.

An image projector is an optical device that projects or brings into light an image onto a surface, commonly a projection screen. Most projectors creates an image by shining a light through a small transparent image, but some newer types of projectors can project the image directly, by using lasers with which the technology has raised up its standards and has been inventing unique and innovative projectors. A virtual retinal display or retinal projector is a projector that projects an image directly on the retina instead of using an external projection screen which is innovative and has unique features. Video projectors frequently seen in theatres or multiplexes is a device that receives a video signal which projects a corresponding image on a projection screen using a lens system. Video projectors use a bright light to project the image and most of these modern ones can rectify the blurriness, any curves or the other inconsistencies through manual settings. Movie projector is regarded as an opto - mechanical device used for displaying moving pictures by projecting them on the projection screen. The existence of optical and mechanical elements is present in the movie camera except for the illumination and sound devices.

The other types of projectors are desktop projectors which are handy and portable. These are tiny and can fit your desktop. It's complete with pertinent features of a great quality projector despite its portable size and also is affordable. The lenses are simple to change anytime you would like as it should be changed after the use of the projectors and are capable of zooming images at high resolutions. An overhead projector is popularly utilized at property and in offices as they are the requirement in the organizations. These are utilized in the presentation of reports or subject discussion. Slide projectors are the extremely common among all types of projectors and have been used for several decades now. These projectors projects photographic slides and it has the newest version of this sort of projector that comes with pop-up screen that makes viewing instant and portable.

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