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Stainless Steel Flasks, Antique Hip Flask, Flasks
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To quench a thirst we need water or any other liquid thing which would satisfy our thrust. When we travel we make sure that we carry a small bottle filled with water to drink it whenever we are thirsty. A vessel used to keep water which not only make it cool but also has large amount of capacity is known as flask. Flask is a necessary accessory with the travel luggage. These flasks liquids keep hot liquids hot and cool liquids cool it is very much consistent and also the water doesn't come out of it as it come from the bottles. These flasks have a air tight top which does not aloe water to come out. The other names for these flasks are thermoses which are generally used for small children and for the patients who are admitted in the hospital.

The main type of flask is a hip flask which is used to carry beverages especially alcohol. As the name suggest hip flasks generally fit into the pockets of the people as they are that much tiny but also at the same time has huge capacity to carry the alcohol. The size and the shape are comparatively equal. These hip flasks are made of metal because of its durability factor and generally are in silver. The designs of the flasks are very much attractive and people buy these hip flasks to consume alcohol which is the main reason which is a wanted liquid. Flasks are made of glass, stainless steel, metal and other materials out of which stainless steel flasks are very much used. Liquids like tea, coffee, juice, water or any other beverage would fit into these flasks.

Glass flask can be used for decorative purpose as when these are not handled with proper care it might break due to negligence. The shiny look and beautiful appeal of these flasks attracts most of the people. These flasks are light weight and are used to carry any where at any point of time. It can be idle gift which can be presented to people on the various occasions like weddings, felicitations and competitions.

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