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  Cd And Dvd
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The compact disc, or cd, began its rise to popularity in the early 1980s and has since become the most popular medium for commercial audio recordings. In addition to being used for music, the compact disc eventually evolved so that it had the ability to be used for recording data as well. Today, there are several other types of recordable discs, and each has its own characteristics.

Eventually the dvd, or digital video disc, became popular along with its own versions of recordable discs, which were even more versatile and capable of holding much more data than a standard cd or cd-rw. The main two types of recordable dvds are dvd+rs and dvd-rs, which can only be recorded on once. The types of dvds that can be recorded and erased upon more than once are known as dvd+rws, dvd-rws and dvd-rams. These are most popularly known for their use for recorded movies, and utilize dual layer technology in order to allow for a great amount of space for data.

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