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Paper shredders have been an integral part of every organization. These paper shredders seek an efficient way of discarding the important documents owned by the company. Paper shredders are basically a mechanical device used to cut papers into shad either in strips or in fine particles. Every day industries and corporations create huge heaps of paper documents which carry precious information as well as which very confidential. Government organizations, businesses and other private organizations use these paper shredders to destroy the private and confidential or sensitive documents. These paper shredders make it possible for the people to destroy the documents so that they can keep vital information private which is very crucial. This information includes names, social security numbers, financial data, credit histories, and more which is not the one to be leaked.

There are various types of paper shredders the one is strip cut shredders which are common devices and are affordable for the common people. These machines turn paper into strips as the name suggest, it's difficult for anyone to read the important documents. Thinner strips offer more security, so if this is the type of machine is available always look for one that produces the thinnest strips possible as these strips are very difficult to manage. These machines can be used for everyday purpose and documents such as junk mail and credit card receipts are used. The other type of paper shredder is cross cut shredders which are very popular ones as they are safer than that of strip cut paper shredders. This device turns paper into particles by cutting it in two different directions where the paper is impossible to match up with the other one. The smaller the particles are, the more secure the information will be. Cross-cut machines can be pretty affordable but are dangerous for bank accounts. This shredder is a really good item for small office use and some are small enough to fit under a desk.

The other types include micro cut shredders which produce extremely small particles of the documents or of the papers. These shredders offer more security than that of cross cut shredder. It is impossible for the document to be reassembled after it is run through this device. These machines are very helpful in business houses and other big organizations.

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