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A thermos foodie?

Thermoware was primarily used for maintaining the temperature of foodstuff. But now they are a necessary household product accessory for the ones who travel and want to serve food retaining the same taste, nourishment and temperature.

Thermoware are used to store a range of foodstuffs. Storage hot pots are used for storing hot food, made with insulated serving. Vacuum flasks are used for storing beverages. Ice flasks and food flasks are big containers which also accommodate stainless steel bowls and plates. Beverage jugs are big water storage containers with easy dispenser. Thermos containers are available in a variety of colours, sizes and elegant designs. Thermoware is usually made of plastic and an insulated material inside, to maintain the temperature.

Thermos flasks are usually given away as gifts especially on weddings, felicitations and promotions. In corporations, thermoware are engraved with company's name and logo and presented as bonus gifts during festive occasions and anniversaries.

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