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Whenever the steps out of the house he makes sure or ensures that he is carrying all the required belongings with him. Whenever he steps out he always carries his mobile phone, wallet, cash and keys which are basic but are very essential for that person. These are his accessories which is a necessity but other war he has his own personal accessories where he can carry various items like combs, mirrors, deodorants or perfumes, lipsticks, sunscreen lotions which are required for ladies and foe men watches, lighters, sunglasses, army knives which are useful for them to carry it anywhere at any point of time. Thus these personal accessories hold an important place in everybody's life. A person can keep al the necessary things which might be useful or him even at crucial point of time.

In the professional world today each and every professional knows about the style statements by choosing the right kind of accessory which suits them and also gets them a make over with all these unique and compact items. Even though all these items are tiny and are very much light weight these items are essential in the part of everybody's life. Personal accessories as the word suggests personal which is not to be disclosed or not to bring into light, in other words it is hidden so especially for women these personal accessory play an important role. The use of cosmetic item like lip-gloss, lip balm and lipstick makes a major item in the list of personal accessory.

Also the other item which takes part in the list of personal accessory is sunscreen lotion during summers and during winter's cold creams to take good care of the skin. A handkerchief or a pack of tissue plays an important role as these two items are useful to wipe out the unnecessary things. Perfumes and sunglasses also play an important item in the list of personal accessory list. For men the important things are sunglasses, watches to do all the things on time, a comb to comb the hair which have messed up. So all these things are marked as necessities and thus if not used the entire would be incomplete as the it would pinch the person of not carrying essential items.

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