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The fragrance and aroma of spray makes feel person to get carried away with the tune of fragrance which not only pleases him but also makes his day very lively and fresh. When people step out of the house they feel fresh and want to have a nice, mellow fragrance which would sooth them and make their day great ahead. 'perfume' is a thing which is known for its fragrance, aroma and which would light up the entire array of the surrounding. A very soft and mild fragrance would enhance the feel and would mix up with the air which would make it pleasing. Perfumes have fragrance which is made of essential oils, compounds and solvents which are used by humans to spread the scent of this perfume.

Perfumes are used by men and women for various purposes which are weddings, parties which thus reflect their personality. There are various types of perfumes and these are floral, citrus, woody scents and green. Floral as the name suggest the fragrances derived form flowers like rose, lavender, carnations and jasmine which gives a very pleasant feeling and person would just mix up in the fragrance and the aroma of the floral perfume. The other type citrus derived its name from citrus fruits like orange, lemon, lime and tangerine which has a fresh fragrance but not mild as floral one. Woody scents would have sandalwood, moss and musk would make person roll up in their fragrance.

As we get to see the types of perfumes the brands of perfumes are very much in wide varieties and are classified for men and women. Women prefer brands like armani, channel, and gucci which are very soft, mild and which also suit the personality of women. For men the brands like david off, azzaro, paccorobanne etc which have a strong fragrance but with a mild smell. Perfumes add a great gifting tool for occasion like birthday's, weddings, valentine' day for the employees of the organization covering the corporate sector.

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