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A bag is a non- rigid container which allows keeping cash, important documents, personal accessories and technology like mobile phones, headsets, i-phones, calculators etc. Bags arte used for dumping down all your belongings and are use for various purposes especially for gifting purpose. The corporate world is more prone as it is into promotional gifting where bags are certainly gifted on various occasions. It has become trend among the youngster of carrying bags which are branded like gucci, dolce and gabbana etc. Flowing with the current trend bags are designed in an unique way as it makes you keep every required thing inside it as if you don't have to carry extra ones when have many things.

Bags come in variety of ranges and these are hand bags, fashion bags, plastic bags, shopping bags and party bags. Handbags are specially designed for women as they keep their personal belongings and mobile phones often in the bag. The other term used for handbag is the purse which is quite often seen holding by women and small girl children. The smaller version of the purse is known as a clutch which is handheld and is only used to keep a single thing it can either be mobile phone, hair brush or personal accessory like lipstick or compact powder. Fashion bags are gaining lots of importance today as today's world is dancing on the tunes of fashion which is putting sharp focus on the various brands that are introduced today in the market today. Some of the brands are louis vuitton, gucci, dolce and gabbana etc.

Plastic bags are made of very fine and flexible plastic which are used for transporting food items, chemicals and waste. The feature of the plastic bags varies as some have greater volume content and some may have less volume content. After it's completely burnt it can be used for energy conservation purpose. Now a days zip lock system has been introduced in the market which is used for plastic bags which is very much thicker than the usual plastic bag. Shopping bags are used for big outlets and are for shopping purpose where clothes include jeans, t-shirt, shirts, and punjabi suits etc.

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