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Success comes from achievement. When the achievement is rewarded it is the memento which gives the person a high recognition and value in the market. A memento is an honor, gift, or a prize rewarded to a person who has achieved great success in any industry for many years. A memento worth a thousand words. A person feels modern, excited for many years after receiving the memento. No doubt one has to slog all over the years to get a memento because it is a lifetime achievement. There are significant movements in every ones life which has to be celebrated. In a business enterprise, employee's reputation is essential to encourage them occasionally. Thus, to felicitate a superb performance by an individual, giving away mementos like prize, medals, trophies etc., is the best way of support and creating impression about the organization or business. Mementos are marked with the organization or the corporations name and also the name of the person felicitated and his successes. Mementos are presented in universities, organizations, social service businesses, hospitals etc., as a remembrance of their services. Mementos are in the form of trophies, shields, and medals.

A memento has specialized designs with different sizes. A memento gives immense pleasure when one holds it in hand. A memento is rewarded for different fields on sports, politics, entertainment, non government organizations and many more. A memento is also known as a lifetime achievement award rewarded to a person who has contributed to the industry for many years. Mementos have a great importance in corporate sectors as well. It is used for corporate gifting purpose at corporate events, seminars, conferences etc., memento signifies trophies, titles, certificates, commemorative plaques, medals, badges, pins and ribbons. A memento is a remembrance of the great personalities who have contributed to their industries for many long years. A memento can be given to any person or institution, though the prestige of the award usually depends on the status of the receiver. A memento becomes the identity of the person. People who have won prestigious awards such as the nobel prize, a championship title in a sport, or an academy award (oscar) have put their hardships for achieving a great success in their career.

A memento has always been a traditional gesture of appreciation or reward. Memento is popularly used in a variety of corporate events and in different industries, from school to private and government offices. Receiving a memento is achievement, but when it is rewarded it is a pride. A memento is also known as a "retirement gift" from a corporate gifting point of view a memento is widely used to build morale and encourage the employees to perform better. A memento is awarded on several occasions as desktop award and also at annual conventions. When the employees are rewarded with the memento, from the management they feel proud as part of the organization. Due to this, the production level of the company increases and also the name of the company get automatically promoted in the market. In a recent study, in most of the business organization a memento is rewarded to the employees to promote their business all over the globe. No doubt the business will get expanded as the employees are motivated and are being rewarded from time to time. A memento creates lasting and memorable impressions of a business. The advantage of corporate gift giving is never overlooked. Only the high successful businessmen understand the importance of branding via corporate gifting technique.

A memento rewarded to the employee gives them the feeling of respect goodwill, belongingness and being exceptional. The company in return earns customers commitment and faith, brand creation and goodwill promotion.

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