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Sticker a type of paper piece or plastic or an adhesive which is sticky on side and which is used to paste it on the wall, on the books or on the files or folders. These stickers usually come in different size and shape. Generally stickers are seen on the lunch boxes of school going children. Also these stickers are used when for object which requires identification with a word or an idea. These stickers are mostly used as a powerful tool for advertising, promotion and marketing. There are different types of stickers which are bumper stickers which are used for demonstration of political or ideological cause.

In business organization stickers play crucial role as they are designed according to the business nature. Also for vehicles where the identification mark is required. For a person who is learning driving the sticker used would be off the letter l since l denotes learner. Also the other type includes religious stickers which have different and unique design. These are refrained from using any other mark other than that of the religious one. These stickers are printed from vinyl material to save it from water, heat and wind. These stickers have following features which are weather resistant, durable graphic and high quality material. These stickers are even printed on t-shirts or shits are long lasting.

The other type is the custom stickers which are considered as all time great stickers. These stickers have worthwhile designs. These stickers retain the color impression of cmyk. As according to the fashion these stickers are booming and are making its mark in the markets by producing varieties which are custom bumper stickers, custom round stickers and custom travel stickers. Wall stickers are very much attractive to children's as they are very much fascinating with attractive colors and eye catchy effects. These wall stickers are not only meant for wall purpose but also for bedroom and house decoration purpose. People usually go for wall stickers because it not only enhance the décor of the room but also makes room more beautiful and customized.

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