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The game of mathematics plays a crucial role in our life. Since from school to business organization this game has a very important say while featuring numbers and figures. Today's era is moving with technology, so to cope up with this technical era the innovative item calculator is invented as to relax the human mind a bit for calculating. The electronic calculator used to perform the basic operations of arithmetic and also to reduce the burden of the work load. These calculators are more portable than that of computers. As the corporate field grows there are lot many changes which are to be done by these organization so to make these changes and which have to be calculated thus make very effective use of calculators.

There are various types of calculators the one being handheld calculators which are used by students and accountants. Students often need calculators to complete their class works. Also these calculators are used by accountants who visit the company's accounts and balance sheets to check and keep a record of it at that time these calculators are needed. The other type is formula calculators which are used for evaluating the entire calculation, also one can independently edit the numbers and the figures and recalculate the entire sum or problem. The benefits or the advantage of using these calculators are they have grater efficiency which not time consuming and the outcome is productive. These formula calculators are useful for not only educational professionals but also for doctors, researchers and mathematician. The customized calculators are used for varied categories such as mathematics and for science or scientific application.

The other type of calculator is the graphing calculator which is a kind of handheld which is able to plot graphs, also performs variety of tasks with variables and simultaneous equations. Some of these calculators are programmable and are used for educational and scientific purpose. These calculators can also be attached to the electronic thermometers and other sensors. An important aspect for business is paying taxes in proper time and in the right way. Exclusively designed tax calculators are available in the market.

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