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The dinning table where all the family members gather and have dinner together should be kept clean and tidy as because dinning speaks about manners and cleanliness. Dinning table thus enhance the look and the appeal of the décor of the table. Thus to keep it clean is everyday job of women and also to protect it from dust there are coasters available in the market which are used on the table to keep hot vessels, cold ones thus preventing the damage which would happen to the décor of the table. These coasters are made using high quality material and are also available in various types,, colors, sizes, shapes, designs etc.

There are varieties of coasters available and these are glass coasters which are known for its beauty, shine, and glazy look, soft and smooth texture. The disadvantage or the drawback of the glass coasters are these coasters slip for the surface of the table and would break easily into very minute particles. Thus these glass coasters should be handled with care and should be kept aware from the children. The other type is slate coasters better k known as sandstone coasters which are absorbent and are made form natural mountain stone. The other type of coasters is paper and cork coasters which are mostly used in bars and restaurants. As these coasters become damp and moist easily these are used as temporary pieces.

Another type is personalized stone coasters which look beautiful when they are placed on table and add a different meaning to the table. These coasters change the entire set up of the table as these coasters are used by various people whenever they go out to have various beverages in restaurants, shopping malls etc. These coasters are used to convey a thought or the concept which would be effective4ly used by people. Beautiful coasters are not only needed for home décor but also can be served for gifting purpose. These coasters are given on various like corporate parties to employees or to officials.

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