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Shopping is the essence in a women's life. Fashion is not just the clothes, it is also an accessory. A catwalk with a "beaded bag" is the indication of emptying the pockets. Beaded bags are excellent equipment which most ladies opt out for and would want to display with them. A beaded bag is a complete fashion accessory owned by every woman. A beaded bag has been in the fashion era for decades no matter whether it has been handcrafted or commercially produced. Beaded work is one of the oldest artwork that has gained unlimited attention among designers, manufactures, and buyers. Beautiful, shiny, quality beads have replaced a simple bag into a fashion accessory. Beaded bags are fashionably famous in india as well as in international markets. Designers innovate some beautiful beaded bags with some cool design, which suits today's fashion trend. The designs of beaded bags have been chosen to suit various moods and occasions like maroon color for evening, pink or cream color for day, blue in the afternoon depending upon the shopper. Beaded bag has a perfect creativity and style which suits the modern as well as traditional wears. Beaded bags enhance the individuality of the ladies whenever she is keeping or carrying the beaded bag. Beaded bags are gifted on special occasions like birthdays, corporate events, wedding anniversaries, and business activities.

Beaded bags are available in different styles, colors, and designs. The beads used in making the bags are from highly durable gamut of beads. The string of these beaded bags is made with glittering beads to give it a special look. Various designs of beaded bags are inspired from the combination of art and fashion. Beaded bags are crafted with elegant patterns which looks incredible in rich colors. Fabrics used to make beaded bags are silk, jute, cotton, canvas, satin. Hand stitched beaded bags is popular among the buyers. A beaded bag creates a great piece of clothing. A handmade beaded bag is the work of art as the drops are needed to be put properly on the surface of the material or clothing. It does require a lot of endurance to do so. A handmade beaded bag has emerged about 200 years ago. It is one of the costliest bags as it requires a lot of manpower. Handmade beaded bags provide exclusive fashion and are very eye-catching. Handmade beaded bags have become the centre of attraction because the people like it. The long history of beaded handbag is from the western world glass and fashion industries. Very few articraft have remained popular because it has been made from glass beads. Beaded bags have a great combination of designs, dimensions, and color. Fashion has become a trend in today's modern generation. No matter what the product is. The bead work has emerged from the olden times where it has gained respect and attention from designers, manufactures, and buyers. The beautiful, shiny, and quality bead has replaced a simple bag from the olden time and has created a history in the world of fashion. Beaded bags are also popular in the international market as well and is in huge demand. The colors of the beaded bags are chosen carefully to give it a mesmerizing looks which enhances the design.

Beads are small and a round object, which is made of wood, shell, bone, seed, metal, stone, glass, and plastic. It enlightens the bags with the help of thread and needle. Once it is attached to the bag, the beads shower its beauty on the bag which gives the bag a brighter and an awesome look. The beauty of women lies in the beaded bag. Starting with the cosmetics which has the first priority and some valuable things including cash takes a drastic change in the life of women.

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