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  Incense Sticks
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Let a whiff of aroma be the souvenir.

incense sticks fills your environment with fragrance and boost up your spirit. These incense sticks are used to treat yourself with aromatic peaceful moments. These incense sticks have a blend of various fragrances which include fruit, floral and spices. These incense sticks make use of high quality material used for manufacturing these sticks. The use of herbal, floral content thus gives soothing fragrance and offer durability. While making use of these incense sticks the person feels relaxed and further van concentrate on his work. The kind of meditative surrounding is created in the house when these incense sticks are used. These incense sticks can also be used for religious purposes for devoting or for adorning the idol.

Incense sticks come in different varieties which are sandalwood, mysore wood incense sticks and handmade sticks. Sandalwood sticks are made from naturally occurred sandalwood and is considered to be with spiritual and pure aroma. Also the herbal incense sticks are made using natural ingredients like essential oils and rare herbs which tend to flourish the fragrance in the house and thus enhance it more beautifully in a very subtle way. The honey incense sticks has a mild fragrance of honey and herbal spices which helps in relaxing or at the time of peace and calm atmosphere.

Indian incense sticks are different as compared to others. These incense sticks are made by using wood powder, oil and water. These incense sticks traditionally use resins, woods and herbs. These also make use of unique items like musk and are usually known as 'agarbatti' an indian name are usually handmade and are spiritually used as medicine. To get the proper balance these sticks generally use hand pick ingredients. The unique varieties of incense sticks are pouch incense sticks which are always packed in a packet so that the fragrance is intact in the packet and when removed out it is durable and lasts long. These incense sticks are environment friendly and are used to spread the aroma around. It is very much appreciated for its fragrance when it is burnt.

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