Silk Hand Painting, Silk Painting - Colors Dancing In Silk

Silk Hand Painting, Silk Painting - Colors Dancing In Silk
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  Silk Paintings
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Painting is to express our feelings, where the colors usually dance on a sheet of a paper. Silk painting begins with a luxurious base of precious pure white china silk stretched tightly on a frame. Silk painting is the art of applying dye to the silks. Silk paintings are unique way to create an aura of heightened value and charming to enhance the essence of art. The indian style of silk painting emphasizes the softness, elegance, and flexibility of style. A silk painting can be framed in the form of picture, wall hangings and also in home decoration. Silk painting is quick, fun, and easy. Silk painting is as easy as filling colors in a coloring book. In a silk painting, the silk glows with vibrancy, and a special luster, adds a wonderful animation to the painting. A silk painting is beautiful because of the glow and warmth of the silk shining through. Silk painting is popular because of its amazing lure and its attractiveness. Centuries ago, wax was used in india to stop the paint from spreading. On the other hand, india holds the history of silk painting with delicate miniatures of mogul courtesans, emperors, and paintings depicting wedding scenes etc., silk paintings have timeless appeal and its beauty and elegance gives it a high status acceptance across the globe.

Silk painting is almost the opposite as compared to other types of painting. Generally, the artist paints by controlling the placement of pigment on a surface, usually through the use of brushes. In a silk painting, the painter controls the movement of pigment within boundaries to resist on the silk. In a silk painting, brushes are not much in use and become less important because the dye automatically moves on the silk once it is placed there. It is because the dye flows so freely on the silk, the job of the silk painter is to just control the movement of the pigment on the silk rather than its placement. The basic technique for most silk painting begins by drawing the outlines of the design with a rubber-like liquid. When the liquid "fence" is dry the silk dye is allowed to flow within each segment of the picture. The result can be uniform fields of color as in two-dimensional cartoons or stained-glass design. Silk painters can also add dimension with color, shading, and various surface techniques. The challenge for silk painters in a silk painting is to add dimension and give various effects on the surface. Silk painters use some of the same techniques as watercolorists do to create unique designs. When dye is applied to silk it begins to spread, like grape juice on a table cloth. However, in most cases, most artists want more precise control of their design, hard lines, and their distinct shapes. The use of salt, alcohol effects, wet-on-wet treatment, and wet-on-dry painting are common in silk painting. However, the effects on silk are more often dramatic than on paper as its techniques usually has to be applied in different ways on silk as they are used by watercolorist.

Silk painting is done for centuries in asia, it's been big in europe, and now silk painting is becoming very popular in the us. The art of silk painting has emerged from europe and is gradually gaining momentum in india as well. Today silk painting has been more convenient for the silk painters. Silk painting is an art form which involves a direct paint process. Silk paintings are known for their positive attributes of movement and fluidity, which is certainly a hallmark. In indian art and craft, silk paintings are applied on miniature paintings with the help of the delicate brush. The art of silk painting has blossomed during the rule of moguls and was maintained and carried forward. Today, silk painting is mostly practiced in the state of rajasthan. Silk paintings are mainly used for home decoration and also for furnishing the home interior or exterior. Silk painting is done on a multitude of silk products and fabrics. It is increasingly done on sarongs, scarves, and bandanas.

Silk painting is an art, which is strengthened by the professionals alone. Silk painting requires lots of innovation and imagination which could bring out the estimated results pretty. Silk palm work and silk methods are getting understanding as well as eminence in phrase of art piece walls hangings around the world. Silk palm artwork or clothes can also be skilled on periods like wedding anniversaries or on a business party.

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